Business Idea Development

Launching a business venture starts with an idea. The better the idea, the more successful your business can be, but having a good idea isn’t enough. However, with this six-step business idea development process, raw idea can turn into a success.

When you have generated a list, begin with the ideas in your area of expertise and interests. After you select an idea, research is your most important activity. Continue to make notes so you know as soon as possible if you should modify your idea or choose another. Your initial research, which may only be talking to people in the industry, helps you determine if there is a need for your idea; identifying your market tells you exactly who your customers are going to be. After you have selected and refined your concept, you’re ready to move on to the next phase of building a business venture.

Business Preparation

Before you start to work in your new business venture, we recommend you take some time to consider the following key areas to help develop your business.

Business Operation

This is like a map for your business. From investors, to executives, to employees. Operations involve every aspect of operating a business. These five key components show just how essential the field of business operations is to a business.

Business Idea Development Stages

Step 1
Generate some ideas
Write down any ideas that occur to you. Don't hold back and jot down every idea that comes to you.
Step 1
Step 2
Select the best idea
Review your list and choose the best one don't delete your list yet. You may want to come back to it if your first choice doesn't pan out.
Step 2
Step 3
Research your idea
Find out everything you can about your idea. What's currently being used in the market, who are the top competitors, and what you'll need to do to turn your idea into a reality.
Step 3
Step 4
Refine your idea
Based on your research, modify your concept as needed. If the idea won't work or if it fails the last two steps, pick another one and try again.
Step 4
Step 5
Test your idea
Do some preliminary market research to see if there is a need or interest in your idea, and identify your potential competitors.
Step 5
Step 5
Identify your market
If your idea is viable, it's now time to determine whether people will pay for it and how much they might pay. This requires in-depth market research to determine who is seriously interested.
Step 5

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I value my partnership with Keplitech. Their experience at developing and aligning executive teams is really helping us find new approaches to leadership as the scale and complexity of our business grows. It’s valuable to have advisors who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power. Even more importantly, they have helped us improve our ability to be candid with one another. It’s that kind of candor which is a foundation of performance.
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I was impressed with Keplitech's ability to grasp complex, accounting system problems and quickly find a simple, straightforward and affordable approach. I was even more impressed with how well they maintained and managed the operations that they implemented while also servicing customers with complex needs.
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